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00 Updated Aug, 2019. Options that best suits your needs − Choose investment term ranging from 1 month to 12 months.


50 percent in 1981.

. Selfie photo from your registered address (this will be done in application process). The official Facebook account of KBZ BANK (Kanbawza Bank).


. By committing to secure, longer-term deposits, you can enjoy our very highest interest rates. read more.

[5] The bank increased the supply of bank notes by tenfold in all of its 500 branches and 2,200 ATMs, while also doubling withdrawal limits for its customers. a on interest.

read more.

40% p.

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. Deposit cash or transfer from Flexi Account at nearest Yoma Bank branch and you will remain eligible for interest payments.

4 million customers and 260 branches.
50 %: 60 Days: 7.

Indicators highlighted in yellow are submitted to IMF statistics Department as part of interest rates report form and indicators highlighted in green are published online FIGB_2Y_PA FIGB_3Y_PA FIGB_5Y_PA Lending Rates, Private Sector, Agriculture to farmers Lending Rates, Private Sector, Small personal loans FILRCON_AGRI_PA FILRCON_PL_PA.

If no interest is withdrawn during each quarter, the interest is added to your account.

Options to choose that suits your needs −. Roll over options to reinvest the principal amount at the end of the term. HDFC Bank FD rates HDFC Bank offers interest rates between 3% to 7.

Minimum initial deposit – 10,000 kyats; The minimum balance is. 40 % p. Buy: 2,258: Sell: 2,270: USD. . The highest interest rate of 7.

Deposit Interest Rate in Myanmar decreased to 5.

Interest. 5% :.

KBZ Bank Interest Rates.

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Jun 2, 2021 · KBZ is the largest bank in Myanmar serving around 3.

46,273 Members.